Research and Publications


  • Undergraduate Research:House Music in Manchester, Belfast and London (1989- 1991)
  • Doctoral Research:Music and Popular Culture on the Moroccan/Algerian Border (1991-1997)
  • Recent work: Moroccan Music; Music in Divided Societies; Ethnographic Film.
  • Current Projects: Transnational Sufism ; Moroccan Reggada ; Electronic Music in Ireland and Iceland

Key Research Interests

  • Music & Cultural Politics; Global Multimedia; North Africa; Ireland; Ethnicity; Sound and Film.

Selected Publications

  • 2021 Aileen Dillane and Tony Langlois  “Sonic Mapping and Critical Citizenship: Reflections on Limerick Soundscapes.” in Transforming Ethnomusicology vol 2 : Political, Social and Ecological Issues. Beverley Diamond and Salwa El-Shawan Castelo-Branco (eds). Oxford University Press.
  • 2017 Music Borders and Nationhood in Algeria. in Algeria: Nation, Culture and Transnationalism. Edited by Patrick Crowley. Liverpool University Press.
  • 2015 Jewish Musicians and the ‘Chanson Oranaise’ of Algeria in ‘Musical Exodus: El Andalus and its Jewish Diasporas’ edited by Ruth Davis. Scarecrow Press: Lanham (Maryland).
  • 2015-2017 Editor, Ethnomusicology Ireland  (Online Journal)
  • 2015 (with Aileen Dillane) ‘Our Sounds, Our City: Urban Soundscapes, Critical Citizenship, and the LimerickSoundscapes Project’ Special edition of Journal of Urban Cultural Studies on Soundscapes. Also Co-editor of publication. 2:2 pp135-150.
  • 2013 ‘The Rise and Fall of the Singing Tiger: Ireland and Eurovision.’ in Dafni Tragaki (ed) Empire of Song: Europe and Nation in the Eurovision Song Contest. Scarecrow Press. pp261-279
  • 2013 Co-editor of Audio CD ‘Fieldwork‘  Collection of original fieldwork recordings by Irish researchers. ICTM Ireland.
  • 2012 (Editor) Non-Western Popular Music, Library of Essays on Popular Music, Ashgate Press.
  • 2009 ‘Music and Politics in North Africa’ , in Music and the Play of Power: Music, Politics and Ideology in the Middle East, North Africa and Central Asia. ed. Laudan Nooshin, Ashgate Press.
  • 2009 “Pirates of the Mediterranean : Moroccan Music Video and Technology”. Music, Sound and the Moving Image, 3:1, pp71-85.
  • 2007 Tarab el Gharnati, Andalous Music in Algeria, DVD. Directed by Tony Langlois. Cork: Zelloloid Productions. Available online here
  • 2007  “Canadian Multicultural Models: Lessons for Northern Ireland?” British Journal of Canadian Studies.
  • 2006 “Representations of Ritual in Moroccan Music Video”. Musike 133-146:1(1).
  • 2005 “Outside-In: Music, New Media and Tradition in North Africa.”In The Mediterranean in Music. (ed.) David Cooper and Kevin Dawe Scarecrow Press: Maryland.
  • 1999 “Heard but Unseen: The Female A’issawa Musicians of Oujda, Morocco”, Music and Anthropology, 4 Web journal
  • 1996 “The Local and the Global in North African Popular Music” Popular Music 259-274:15(3
  • 1998 “The G’nawa of Oujda: Music at the Margins in Morocco” The World of Music, 135-157:40(1)
  • 1992 “Can You Feel It ?: DJ’s and House Music Culture in the U.K.” Popular Music 229-138:11(2)
Cover of 2013 CD 'Fieldwork' Co-edited with Desi Wilkinson

Cover of 2013 CD ‘Fieldwork’ Co-edited with Desi Wilkinson


  • 2006 Jane E. Goodman’s Berber Culture on the Global Stage in The World of Music 48(2) pp 74-76
  • 2004 Reviews of CD’s on music from Fez and Niger in Ethnomusicology Forum 13:2 pp 309-312.
  • 2002 Review of Marc Schade-Poulson’s Book ” Men and Popular Music in Algeria” International Journal of Middle Eastern Studies Vol. XXXIV No.1 Feb 02 pp182-184.
  • 1999 Review of Mark Slobin’s book “Retuning Culture” Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute, 474-475:5(3)