Sound Projects

In preparation

‘The Dreaming Trees’ Site specific audio-visual Installation, Jersey, Channel Islands (2023)

Film Soundtracks:

2022 Hungry Hill (80 Mins) Dir. Mieke Vanmechelen and Michael Holly

2021 Two Squares (10 Mins) Dir Mieke VanMechelen

2021- Gateway (90 mins) Dir. Niall Owens  – Winner of the IndieCork Film Festival ‘Spirit of IndieCork’ award, 2021.2019 – Bó  Dir. Mieke Vanmechelen Winner of ‘Best of Kerry’ award – Kerry Film Festival 20202019 – Residual Minority Dir. Mieke Vanmechelen  Screened as an installation at SSA + VAS CutLog, Scottish Royal Academy Edinburgh and Home: Being and Belonging in Contemporary Ireland, The Glucksman Gallery, Cork, 2020

2013 – 2020 Soundtrack to IndieCork Festival trailer (annual project – working with a different director each year)

2009 “Conger” – Soundtrack to Cork Film Festival promotional trailer (Wildacre Productions)

2011 “Bat Magnet” – Soundtrack to short film by Maceik Klich. Performed with Harry Moore

Recordings on Compilation CD’s

  • 2011 Soundtrack to Maceik Klic film on DVD SeeSound
  • 2011 LIve Recording with Sunfish on CD ‘Ireland Calling’
  • 2011 Live Recording on album Sonic Vigil Five
  • 2009 Live recording on album  Sonic Vigil Four  Tracks: ‘ Satanised’ ‘Vigilised’ and ‘Galvanised’
  • 2009  ‘Rediscovering Locality: A Sonology of Cork Sound Art’          Track 5 :   ‘Two Planks Cut from The Same Tree’
  • 2009 DEAF09 Track 17 ‘Vigil’
  • 2008  DEAF08  Track 4 ‘Black Sun’

    Sunfish at Vigil